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mobilPay Wallet tickets

The transport tickets CTP Cluj Napoca "mobilPay Wallet" through the electronic wallet payment service associated with a banking card.

Starting from 16.02.2015 the persons that wish to benefit from the public transport services of CTP Cluj-Napoca shall be able to purchase the trip tickets through mobilPay Wallet from any smartphone with Android and IOS operating system. This payment method completes the SMS payment, being a quick and elegant way of payment with a banking card, at the same prices as through SMS payment.
It operates with any banking card Visa/Mastercard/Maestro issued by any bank in the world. The technology used is patented and respects the rules of security imposed by Visa/Mastercard.

The application mobilPay Wallet is installed from get.mobilpay.com , Store Play or by scanning the QR code from the poster. The payment data is introduced with the card,one time at the application's installation.

The desired ticket is chosen from the function Transport.
The acquisition's confirmation is received through SMS and after receiving the confirmation you can travel according to the chosen ticket.

For the control the code received through SMS is presented. The confirmation code is valid strictly on the mobile phone from which the payment was done. This code is not transmissible.

The prices are the same with the ones from the SMS payment:

Ticket Price (Euro without VAT)
Urban - 1 trip for one line ( valid 45 minutes) 0.60 €
Urban - All lines 60 minutes 1.10 €
Urban - 24 hours Subscription on all the lines 3.00 €
Metropolitan - 40 minutes in the metropolitan and urban area on all the lines 1.15 €
Metropolitan - 60 minutes in the metropolitan and urban area on all the lines 1.45 €
Metropolitan - 80 minutes in the metropolitan and urban area on all the lines 2.15 €
Metropolitan - 24 hours subscription in the metropolitan and urban area on all the lines 4.50 €

mobilPay Wallet is a NETOPIA service and it is offered by the Public Transport Company Cluj-Napoca, as a completion for the SMS payment.

Information regarding the transport prices and services: CTP Cluj-Napoca, tel. 0264-430874

Customer Support mobilPay Wallet :Netopia, telephone: 0215277727, www.netopia.ro
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CTP Cluj-Napoca

Public Transport Company S.A Cluj-Napoca is subordinated to Cluj-Napoca's City Hall Municipality.The Company provides services to the population, and its main activity is passenger transportation in Cluj-Napoca Municipality and the Metropolitan area.


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